The Role of the Guardian Ad Litem in Family Court

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A family court case involving children often involves a “Guardian Ad Litem,” also known as a GAL. This person is appointed by the court to represent the interests of a minor, or a person deemed incompetent. The GAL is a familiar player in child custody actions, where one is appointed, to insure the interests of the children are protected. The “best interests of the child” is the standard in deciding cases involving children in New Mexico. GALs are brought into a wide variety of cases involving children from custody and divorce, to abuse or neglect cases. In New Mexico the GAL is a licensed...

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Should You Speak to the Police After an Arrest?

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When we find out a client with a criminal case spoke to the police the reaction is basically something like, “Why oh why would you ever speak to the police? Have you never watched an episode of Law & Order???” Speaking to the police after an arrest, or even at other times, can be held against you in court of law. Sound familiar? This stems from the 1966 U.S. Supreme Court case of Miranda v. Arizona. You know the warnings….. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an...

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When Your Ex is Feeding Your Child Junk Food

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Most people on the planet have issues with food. Really they do. WE all do. So where does it start? Like all things in life, from our childhood. Maybe it is because since childhood we are constantly being told what we must and what we cannot eat. Think about it. Cake for breakfast? No! Eat your broccoli. Yes! Food is often a household battle. So what happens when the household dismantles? The food war sometimes has spouses choosing sides. With one parent (let’s say the dad for argument’s sake) taking the fast-food and ice cream dinner approach, while you, the mom, is focused on organic,...

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New Mexico’s Child Safety Seat Law

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Child safety seats have accompanying laws in the state of New Mexico. And good thing, because these car seats are 71% effective in reducing deaths for infants in passenger cars; 54% effective in reducing deaths for children ages 1-4 years in passenger cars; and reduce the need for hospitalization by 69%. New Mexico’s law regarding child safety seats states: Children ages 1 through 4 must ride in a child safety seat. Children under 40 pounds must ride in a child safety seat. Children ages 5 or 6 must ride in a child safety seat or booster seat. Children under 60 pounds must ride in a child...

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The Nolo Contendre Plea – New Mexico Supreme Court Case Update

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Under New Mexico’s evidentiary rules, evidence of a nolo contendere plea (where one does not accept or deny responsibility for charges, but agrees to accept punishment) made in settlement of a criminal proceeding is not admissible in civil proceedings against a defendant making such a plea. In a recent case involving a nolo plea, the issue presented to the New Mexico Supreme Court was whether evidence of a nolo contender plea was admissible in a civil case for misrepresentation where the plaintiffs sought to introduce a nolo plea, from 19 years prior, of one defendant to corroborate that the...

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What to Expect in a DUI/DWI Arrest

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The DWI/DUI process after an arrest is stressful, confusing, and can be downright scary – especially if this is your first contact with the wrong side of the law. You must hire an experienced DWI lawyer in New Mexico immediately. Here are the next important stages of the process. Following your arrest, your case scheduled soon after for your first appearance which will address bail and conditions of release. Then the case is set for arraignment where the formal charges will be read and you will enter of plea of not guilty; this is standard practice even if you plead guilty at a later time....

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