New Mexico – High in Violent Crime

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As residents of New Mexico you are probably aware of New Mexico’s high violent crime rate. The following is definitely not aimed towards fueling fear, but rather, increasing vigilance. To begin with, violent crime technically refers to murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault – the crimes that are the most devastating to victims and their families. New Mexico’s violent crime rate has unfortunately been on the rise for a while; it rose 6.6% between 2012 and 2013, the greatest in the nation, which equated to nearly 597 per 100,000 residents. In 2015 New Mexico ranked third in...

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Top 10 Parenting Blogs

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Moms! Dads! Your favorite New Mexico family lawyers are here to help you navigate the ups and downs of parenting by devoting this blog to our “Top 10 Parenting Blogs.” You’ll find tons of advice, stories, hacks, and information on how to raise happy kiddos. Enjoy! Science of Parenthood – uses science and math to the principles of raising kids in a fun and geeky way. Giving Birth With Confidence – by the renowned Lamaze international, is about pregnancy, childbirth and the first years of parenting with tons of advice from childcare experts. Their bloggers include Lamaze experts, doulas,...

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Elder Law in New Mexico

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There a certain vulnerable populations that deserve our extra care as a society – such as children, and the elderly. While the law has historically afforded children extra protection, the same cannot be said for the elderly. Elder abuse laws are relatively new in this country but New Mexico, for one, is taking a very aggressive approach on prosecuting these crimes. Elder abuse is different depending on the nature of the case. The three main categories are: Abuse within a residential care facility. Abuse at home by a family member or caretaker. An outsider who takes advantage of the elder,...

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How to Adopt in New Mexico

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Adopting a child is very much a legal process, as much as perhaps a joyous one. It’s imperative that you follow the steps properly because when you adopt a child, you legally make this person a member of your family. Your adopted child will have the same legal rights as a birth child after approval by a court of law. To legitimize the adoption you will receive an adoption decree as well as a birth certificate with your name noted as the parent of your adopted child. To make sure you are on top of all the legalities for a New Mexico adoption, here is some helpful information as you begin this...

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New Mexico Teens on Drugs

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New Mexico’s teens have among the highest rates of drug use in the nation. This can lead to crime, illness, or worse – death. In 2015 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a nationwide survey of high school students; the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, as it is known, quizzed students on 118 health behaviors in areas ranging from drug and alcohol use to sexual behavior and eating habits. New Mexico’s youth ranked second highest in the nation for cocaine and Ecstasy use, fifth highest for methamphetamine and eighth highest for heroin. The students had the second highest rate in...

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Is Sibling Rivalry Normal?

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Sibling rivalry seems to be as common as the existence of families itself. Competition, fighting, the constant needling of each other – this is what we expect from siblings. But what causes it? And is it truly a “normal” facet of the family unit? The Child Development Institute explains it like this: “Siblings don’t choose the family they are born into, don’t choose each other. They may be of different sex, are probably of different age and temperament, and. worst of all, they have to share the one person or the two people they most want for themselves: their parents.” Other factors are also...

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