How to Get a Religious Annulment In New Mexico
A religious annulment is not legally binding yet, it is often sought by many Catholics in […]
Do you wish there was something that could make your marriage disappear….like it never even happened??? […]
What Is the Difference between a Divorce and an Annulment?
We frequently receive calls asking about how to get an annulment in New Mexico. There are two types of annulments: religious annulments and civil annulments. The two are very different in both how they occur and in their effect on the couple. A religious annulment is granted by a church. For example, the Catholic Church can declare a marriage annulled, or invalid, on grounds established by the Church.
People often refer to “annulments” from a church or other religious authority. For example, the Catholic Church may grant an annulment of a marriage for specific religious reasons. In the law, however, the term “annulment” has a specific legal meaning that does not relate to religion at all. Rather, a legal annulment is a formal way of declaring that a marriage never existed. In New Mexico, a marriage can end three ways: death, dissolution, or annulment. The latter two are legal proceedings with specific legal requirements.