When a child is born to a married husband and wife, the father is presumed by law to be the father. This is also true of a birth that occurs within 300 days of the dissolution of a marriage or the death of the husband. A man who lives in the household of a child for two years and holds himself out to be the father is presumed to be the father, as well.
What Factors Do New Mexico Courts Use to Set Child Support?
Have you ever wondered how New Mexico courts decide the proper amount of child support? By law, courts use child support guidelines to determine the amount of support. The New Mexico Legislature has stated that the purposes of the guidelines are threefold: (1) Adequately support children, “subject to the ability of the parents to pay”; (2) Make equitable awards by treating similarly situated people consistently; and (3) Improve court efficiency by promoting settlements and providing guidance on likely levels of awards.