When to Contact a Divorce Attorney

It’s true. Half of all marriages still end in divorce. Does that mean you should have a divorce attorney’s number on speed dial? Not necessarily. But you should recognize the signs. Here are some scenarios where it may be wise to call a divorce lawyer.

  1. One or both of you is seeing someone else. If your spouse is cheating then you may be ready to call it quits; however if the opposite is true then be prepared that your spouse will be asking you for a divorce. Casual affairs can sometimes be gotten past, with counseling and/or time, but if one of you has fallen in love with someone else – the relationship is likely over.
  2. Someone has moved out. Even if this separation is on a trial basis, even if it is informal, it could lead to a divorce. You should prepare yourself responsibly and speak to a divorce lawyer immediately.
  3. Couples counseling is not helping. You have tried everything including counseling. Perhaps you’ve been at it for a few months, maybe even longer. The issues aren’t getting resolved, the marriage has not been restored – go talk to a lawyer. A consult won’t hurt.
  4. Your spouse has a substance abuse or other addiction. Maybe it’s alcohol, maybe it’s drugs or maybe it’s gambling. Doesn’t matter. It is destroying the family. Your financial well-being is at risk, and you and your family may be in danger of other harm. You cannot cure the problem, but you can help yourself and consider separation.
  5. Your spouse is abusive. Whether it is verbal or physical, abuse ravages families. Be clear that it is a serious situation that you should not have to handle by yourself. Consider the safety of your family and if anyone is in danger call 911 or the police immediately. And at some point soon, contact a family law attorney.
  6. Your spouse asked for a divorce. Well there’s no way around it now. Even if you try and convince your spouse that breaking up is a mistake, you still need to talk to a divorce lawyer. It is sad, it is unfair, but this is life and you have to protect yourself. Call a divorce attorney today.

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