When Your Ex is Feeding Your Child Junk Food

Most people on the planet have issues with food. Really they do. WE all do. So where does it start? Like all things in life, from our childhood.

Maybe it is because since childhood we are constantly being told what we must and what we cannot eat. Think about it. Cake for breakfast? No! Eat your broccoli. Yes! Food is often a household battle. So what happens when the household dismantles?

The food war sometimes has spouses choosing sides. With one parent (let’s say the dad for argument’s sake) taking the fast-food and ice cream dinner approach, while you, the mom, is focused on organic, non-GMO, low sugar, and gluten-free living.

It sounds like two extremes but each is a realistic catalyst for serious food fights. Sure the mom in this scenario is the one making healthier choices, but is each parent taking their respective positions for the kid’s best interests, or to win a parent-of-the-year contest?

And, what do you do when your ex is feeding your child junk food?

You can’t escalate the war. You can’t bring your child into your food fight with your ex. And you definitely can’t take your anger out on your child.

Divorce coach, Christina McGhee, author of Parenting Apart, How Separated and Divorced Parents Can Raise Happy and Secure Kids, says, “consider educating your kids on healthy food choices and the value of exercise.  When shopping you can teach them to read labels and compare food choices. What does a cupcake do for your body compared to an apple dipped in peanut butter?  You may also want to check out websites and books from your local library for tips on teaching your kids about good nutrition. Just be sure you steer clear of making it an issue about Dad and instead focus on helping your kids build habits that will benefit them well into adulthood.”

So if you are the “healthy” one just keep your kitchen how you see fit while explaining the food choices in your pantry to your child. And when the child is visiting your ex make sure his/her backpack is filled with healthy snacks. Maybe that sounds passive aggressive, but whatever it takes to keep your kid healthy!

Perhaps food clauses should be inserted into child custody agreements??? Just a thought.

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