How Much Will It Cost Me to Get a Divorce in New Mexico?

A common question we are asked has to do with the cost of getting a divorce in New Mexico. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to establish a specific amount because some marriages involve many more issues than others, such as children, property disputes, and prenuptial agreements. Also, the degree of conflict between the spouses significantly influences the cost of a divorce, known in New Mexico as a dissolution.

Obviously, a low-cost, fast-paced process would be very beneficial to both divorcing parties. However, this is often possible only in amicable, “uncontested divorces,” wherein both spouses come to terms with the marriage dissolution and agree in all or most aspects of how their affairs will be handled.

New Mexico is one of the states that makes uncontested divorce available to its residents. This type of divorce greatly helps New Mexicans financially, particularly when the parties agree about how to handle important issues. In an uncontested case, the petitioner (the filing spouse) must pay the filing fee when submitting all necessary forms to the court clerk. If there are no children and the couple can agree on all aspects of property division and spousal support, it may not even be necessary to hire an attorney.

However, truly uncontested divorces are rare. Marital dissolution is often only desired by one person, and unfortunately, divorce can cause people to act or make decisions emotionally. Therefore, most divorced are “contested” proceedings.

More often than not, contested divorces necessitate the involvement of lawyers, and generally speaking, each party is responsible for her/his own attorney. Conflicts lead to additional court filings and appearances, increasing the cost of the dissolution.

Generally speaking, conflicts about three issues tend to drive the costs upward: children, spousal support, and property division. When the parties cannot agree on these issues, it is important to obtain the advice of an experienced New Mexico family attorney.

If you or a family member is involved in divorce and need legal representation, the Lightning Legal Group can help. We have decades of experience in New Mexico family law and will fight for what is best for you. Please contact us at (505) 247-2390 for a free consultation.


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