Is It Easier for Celebrities to Adopt?

Is it easier for celebrities to adopt or is it just easier for rich people to adopt? Because adoption can be expensive, averaging $25,000-$40,000 – so not everyone can afford it. Why does it look so effortless for celebs? We hear about regular folks struggling to adopt but it’s hard to tell what celebrities go through when all we see is them going from childless to children in what seems like overnight.

After doing some serious research into the lifestyles of some rich and famous adoptive moms, it is actually not so easy for celebrities to adopt – surprised?

Fitness guru Jillian Michaels initially applied for adoption through the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After waiting more than a year for a referral, the celebrity trainer learned that some of her documents were about to expire. If Michaels wanted to continue the process, she would have to reapply. Then she discovered Haiti had children available to adopt. Michaels was able to adopt a daughter from Haiti but it was not without tremendous effort, expense and travel back and forth. Also, there were occasions when Michaels had to spend considerable time in Haiti with her daughter before she was able to bring the child home.

Actress Denise Richards adopted her third child through domestic adoption saying “people think if a celebrity wants a baby, they get one the next day” adding the process took two years which at times was discouraging.

Malawi was single-handedly made famous by Madonna who has adopted two children from the African country. Madonna was drawn to David, the first child she adopted from Malawi, while seeing him in footage for a documentary she was producing about orphans from there. At the time of David’s adoption Malawi didn’t have established adoption laws; so she can definitely be credited with its progression. And even after she brought one-year old David home to England she and her husband were required to serve as his foster parents for 18 months before being permitted to legally adopt him.

For Madonna’s second adopted child, Mercy, her initial application was rejected because of a Malawi residency provision. Madonna appealed, the requirement was waived, and the adoption went through. See, even Madge had to struggle through red tape for an international adoption.

Actress Katherine Heigl’s first daughter was adopted from South Korea; the process took approximately a year, included a 40 page questionnaire, and would’ve taken longer but for an open-heart surgery the little girl had to undergo in South Korea – the little girl is luckily fine now.

While this informal analysis doesn’t take into account every celebrity that has adopted a child in the last century, it does provide some insight into how laborious the process can be for even the most famous. And it does cement the idea that adoption takes money. Think about all the travel, if you are trying to adopt internationally; the lawyers, if there are disputed issues; and the time it takes, where you can’t work.

Pursuing adoption is often a luxury, but not necessarily one only meant for the rich and famous. Speak to a family law expert on you adoption options at Lightning Legal Group. We are the proven experts in the field of family and criminal law in new Mexico. Call us today to schedule a free consultation at 505-247-2390.


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