Salvia medical sample biological specimen from child baby kid moThe decision to perform paternity testing stems from a variety of scenarios that all lead to the unequivocal desire to establish the identity of a child. Sometimes it is for a child custody/support case or for an adoption, but it could also be necessary to establish for immigration, government benefits, inheritance or other legal matters.
While many people find themselves in this predicament, some people are gravely concerned with the costs associated with paternity testing.
So for purposes of this discussion, we put aside the legal and even emotional consequences of this type of testing to present options on how one can establish paternity of a child without suffering financial hardship.
With the tremendous advances in science, technology and, specifically, DNA, there are more choices in paternity testing, including some relatively inexpensive ones. However, if you are getting a paternity test for legal evidentiary reasons, it must comply with certain rules to insure the results of the test are both reliable and admissible in court.
The New Mexico Uniform Parentage Act (UPA) governs the rules regarding genetic testing admissibility. Basically, for tests to be admissible the entire process has to be accounted for (every step the sample takes, through the actual testing and after); the testing must be performed by an accredited facility; and the laboratory report must contain certain pieces of information. This is all, again, if a test is to be used as part of a paternity petition or other legal matter.
The least expensive test is the one you don’t have to pay for. In instances of ongoing litigation where paternity is at issue and the court orders the test, then there may be a chance where neither party has to pay. If you show proof of indigence, then perhaps that fee can be waived. However, in New Mexico when a man denies parentage and the court orders testing which reveals the man is the father, then, in all likelihood, the man will pay the cost.
There are plenty of cheap home paternity tests that you can try if this is for personal reasons, rather than an active court case. You can simply order the test online.
The test contains instructions on how you collect DNA samples by swabbing the inside of the cheek of the child and the father; you put those swabs in respective envelopes; then mail to the lab. The accuracy of these tests depends on many factors including, human error, the qualifications of the lab, and the credibility of the company that sells the test.
Overall there are several types of genetic tests; some can be performed before the baby is born, and some after. If you can choose the at-home version because there is not litigation attached to your parentage inquiry, then by all means choose the less expensive options. Still, be sure to do plenty of research before making any selection. Paternity has far greater ramifications that mere expense.
Keep in mind, if you are anticipating going to court, the genetic test has to meet high standards of quality. You still should be able to find one with reasonable fees, if the burden of payment falls on you. Let the legal requirements of admissibility be your guide when picking a lab.
Establishing paternity is an emotional toil bound to have immense impact. Don’t shoulder it on your own. Contact the family law experts at the Lightning Legal Group today. We stay current on the law in order to assist you with it. Schedule a free consultation by calling 505-247-2390.

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