How to Get a Religious Annulment In New Mexico

A religious annulment is not legally binding yet, it is often sought by many Catholics in New Mexico. Since divorce is not recognized by the Catholic Church, if you marry in a Catholic Church, divorce, then remarry, you will no longer be able to receive some of the sacraments, such as Holy Communion. Therefore, if your faith is a significant part of your life then you will want an annulment recognized by the Church.

Church law does recognize reasons for annulment including:
• Entering into a marriage with intentions other than their vows
• Gain an inheritance
• Citizenship
• Pressure from parents
• Abuse/violence in marriage
• Mental health issues
• Adultery
• Disease/Illness
• Lack of faith
• Error in the understanding of the obligations of marriage
• Brevity of married life
• Abortion
• Children from a previous relationship
• Imprisonment/incarceration

The religious annulment process can begin after divorce proceedings are final. If you are interested in pursuing one contact your parish office or the Tribunal.

The Tribunal is charged with evaluating an application for annulment. First, an initial assessment is completed to determine there is a basis to proceed with the matter. Then information will be gathered from the petitioner, ex-spouse, and witnesses. Each spouse will then be interviewed to clarify certain issues and allow both parties to explain their side. This may be an extensive investigation but one the Church takes seriously in reaching a resolution.

A conclusion will be reached by the local Tribunal, which is reviewed and confirmed by another Tribunal before the declaration of nullity is issued.

Fortunately, Pope Francis has made what was once and long and painful process, much easier by implementing the following reforms:
• Eliminating automatic appeal and review by clerics outside the diocese. This could speed up the process by six to eight months.
• Giving bishops the authority to fast track and grant annulments quickly under certain conditions (e.g., spousal abuse, continuing adultery, extremely brief marriages).
• Minimizing the costs of the process.

The effect of the Pope’s annulment reforms is that the entire process takes only 45 days, from the time both spouses receive notification of the pending annulment. When both parties participate in, or at least consent to, the annulment, the procedure is easier, faster, and far less stressful.

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