Six Signs You Are Headed for DivorceEven contemplating that your marriage may be ending is so monumentally overwhelming that you may simply refuse to face it. But for how long? Perhaps it’s just a rocky path right now for the two of you, or perhaps it is much more. Looking for a sign that you are headed for divorce? Here are six.

  1. Cheating.

This may not necessarily be a deal breaker for you. Maybe you are willing to forgive, work through it and move on. However, the spouse that had the indiscretion may want to move on too – just without you.

  1. One or both of you isn’t happy.

Sure you can only speak for yourself but if you are married you probably have a good idea of whether your spouse is unhappy as well. Generally, when a relationship is good both participants are happy much of time. If you are unhappy, do some soul-searching as to the cause – then observe your spouse – happy or not happy?

  1. You two are fighting more than ever.

Is there something particular that is causing it? Perhaps it will pass then. Or maybe you two should consider counseling. Still if there is a reason for fighting that won’t go away it may be indicative that the relationship is ending.

According to marriage expert John Gottman, happy couples have an interaction ratio of 20 positive interactions to 1 negative interaction. Conflicted couples have a ratio of 5:1, and couples nearing divorce are 8:1, or practically equal number of negative to positive interactions.

If you are more negative than positive over a long period of time with no improvement in sight, this is not a good sign.

  1. Your friends or family urge you to end the relationship

Whoa. You know it’s bad when people start speaking up; because in most cases, especially with married folk, our friends and family remain hush. People usually don’t want to get involved since they are concerned that interfering with a marriage could make them look like the bad guy.  If your loved ones are telling you to get out – listen up!

  1. Listen to your gut.

What is your instinct telling you? Don’t think about it – just feel. What is your gut saying about whether you should stay or go?

  1. Living separate lives.

Are you sleeping in separate bedrooms? Are you going out alone, avoiding your spouse, and not being intimate? That’s like 10 signs wrapped into one, isn’t it……

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