New Year’s Resolutions to Get Fit Can Hurt a Marriage
If you are like most people on the planet your New Years’ resolution will be to […]
After a petition for dissolution of marriage is filed, the court will issue a temporary domestic order. This order gives the parties general instructions about how to interact with each other, as well as how to deal with their finances, children, and property until the divorce is final. In addition, at this point in the proceedings, either party can ask the court to provide temporary relief.
Marriage entails a lot of preparation. But before getting into major wedding plans, every couple must first ensure that they will comply with state requirements for the union to be considered legal. Marriage in all states is deemed as legal only when a license has been obtained.
The phrase “best interest of the child” is used throughout New Mexico laws, particularly in those relating to child custody, child abuse and neglect, parentage, and even grandparent visitation. Most people encounter the term in relation to child custody, where it has a very specific, well-defined meaning.
When a marriage ends, one of the first and foremost questions people have is “who gets what?” In a New Mexico dissolution proceeding, one of the primary tasks of the court is the division of the couple’s property. This task can be made much more difficult if community and separate property have been mixed. This is known as “transmutation.” “Transmutation” is just a fancy way of saying that something has been transformed or changed.
Retirement accounts are considered community property in New Mexico. That means that any retirement funds accumulated […]
Two parties who are dissolving their marriage are faced with the unpleasant task of dividing their […]
Even in the storm that is a divorce or legal separation, there can be peace. Separating from a life partner can create much turmoil, but within each of us, there is a spirit that we can tap to create positivity. It takes strength, perseverance, and patience, but it can be done. What is important is to know is that, whether or not by choice, you are moving toward a better place.
Many parents want to know whether a parenting plan is absolutely necessary in a New Mexico dissolution proceeding. Generally speaking, the answer is “yes.” A parenting plan is required by state law every time joint custody is awarded. Additionally, it is in the best interest of children for parental expectations to be clear.
Divorce is a major life metamorphosis that entails huge amounts of ambivalence and stress. Just deciding to divorce can cause extreme emotional turmoil. However, divorce is both a personal and social issue. It does not solely affect you and your partner. Rather, it ripples to the individuals who play a part in your everyday living.