How to Get a Religious Annulment In New Mexico
A religious annulment is not legally binding yet, it is often sought by many Catholics in […]
Pope’s Recent Remarks Found Offensive by Some in LGBTQ Community
The LGBTQ community had previously seen a glimmer of hope for wider acceptance in the Catholic community as Pope Francis initially expressed his impartialities toward LGBTQ members. When asked early in his papacy about views on homosexuality, Pope Francis openly answered, “Who am I to judge?” Also, one biographer wrote of the pontiff’s openness in reaching out to LGBTQ communities. For instance, the Pope invited a transgender person into the Vatican upon learning that the church was not willing to accept him. More interestingly, Pope Francis empathized with the victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre, stating that the gays deserved an apology from abusive Christian groups. Unfortunately, Pope Francis’ implied support may have weakened.